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wejo Rewards

Making driving more rewarding

Wejo Rewards is our signature driving and rewards app. From a free MOT or cinema ticket to discounts from high street brands to motoring offers, users collect rewards increasing in value as they interact with the app more. Using our suite of mobile technologies to facilitate location and journey capture, users are able to track journeys to see where they’re racking up the miles, whilst driving scores help users become safer and more economical drivers.
White label: insurer solutions
Engage with and better understand your policy holders, reward them for safer, more economical driving and gain insights into your business using our white label Rewards app. Our scalable, cost-effective and easily tailored mobile solutions bring telematics to mass-market, featuring a user-friendly interface and value-driven interactivity that rewards your customers for their loyalty.
Bespoke solutions
You don’t have to be in the motoring or insurance industry to benefit from wejo’s insightful consumer-facing mobile solutions. Our full end-to-end geolocation platform can seamlessly integrate with existing products or into a tailored, standalone solution. Our services extend beyond solution creation, we can deliver insights and services for your business alongside creating compelling content and rewards for the user.

wejo SDK

A takeaway journey and location aware kit

wejo SDK is our in-house developed location aware and journey tracking technology. Whether you want to create an app using location aware services or want to enhance your existing products, our software development kit (SDK) has been designed to be fully compatible and easily integrated with your products.


First class FNOL and concierge services

OEMx delivers the ultimate in customer care to connected car drivers when the unexpected halts their journey. Drivers in the US, UK, Europe and Asia can benefit from OEMx’s extended and unparalleled FNOL and incident
concierge services.
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